Banger – Lalkareh Marda – Why So Underrated?!


VIP Records present their latest Punjabi song ‘Lalkareh Marda’ by Punjabi singer ‘Banger’ and it is a must for a real folk music heads!

Now, for one reason or another ‘Banger’ does not get the credit we think he deserves among Punjabi music fans, when people ask about UK Punjabi singers his name is not to the fore, that is a shame as the man is super talented with a string of hits over the last few years. This, his new single ‘Lalkareh Marda’ is another banger (pardon the pun).

A great voice, a humble human being who is passionate about his music and singing, Banger never fails to deliver. We need to hear more from Banger on a regular basis and people need to wake up to what a gem of a singer we have here.

Check out the new Punjabi song from Banger – Lalkareh Marda here:


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