Banjara – Babbu Mann – The scenes in the fan videos are next level


Set in three different eras, Banjara  by Babbu Maan has ventured to do something different, well it is Babbu Maan after all. Banjara see’s Babbu Maan playing three roles all during pivotal points in Punjab’s history.

Harmek Singh – 1947, Nachhatar Singh – 1984 and lastly he plays the character of Binder Singh presenting the current period of 2018.

Babbu Maan shows once again that he has the most loyal fan following in the Punjabi entertainment industry as the majority of the opening showings for his latest film ‘Banjara – The Truck Driver’ were sold out in Punjab and Chandigarh.

‘First day, first show’ has become a phenomenon in Punjab over the past few years with cine goers queuing up to see their favourite actors and singers in the first showing on the opening day of the film release, many even bunking off school in the process!

You can see from the videos below, that Maan saab’s kattar fans are known to enjoy themselves!

Our review for the film will be out tomorrow fresh from Punjab.

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