BBC Asian Network Loses Over 100k In Last Quarter, Year on Year Reach is Down 20.3%


Figures released at Midnight by RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) highlight a shocking last quarter for The BBC Asian Network, the station lost over 100,000 listeners in quarter four of 2018.

October, November and December saw the BBC Asian Networks weekly reach had drop from 631,000 to 527,000 a massive drop of 104,000 listeners. The quarter on quarter drop was 16.5% and one of the most worrying things for the station was, when compared to 2017 the BBC Asian Networks reach was down by a 20.3%.

Listening hours were also down from 5.8 hours to 5.3 hours, the BBC Asian Networks market share also declined from 0.4% to 0.3% Despite these figures, The BBC Asian Network continued to lead the UK Asian radio market.

Second to The BBC Asian Network was London’s Sunrise Radio National, despite also losing listeners but not at the same rate as the BBC AN. The station’s weekly reach was down from 315,000 listeners to 303,000 listeners, that was 3.8% down quarter-on-quarter. Its listening hours were also down from 5.1 hours to 4.6 hours. The station’s market share was down from 0.2% to 0.1%.

Panjab Radio remained stats remained almost unchanged with an audience of 187,000 listeners – down slightly from 191,000 listeners in Q3/18. The station’s listening hours were down from 3.6 to 3.2 hours. Its share remained at 0.1%.

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Digital radio listening
Digital listening hit a new record share of 52.6% in Q4/18 – up from 49.9% a year earlier. Digital listening to national commercial stations has increased by 13.9 million hours (or 10.3%) year on year, and now accounts for 80% of all national commercial listening. In-car digital listening grew by 15 million hours (19% year on year), but still only accounts for 37.5% of all listening in cars.

6 Music is still the biggest digital-only station (2.3m reach), followed by Radio 4 Extra (2.1m). Kisstory remains the biggest commercial digital-only station – and its 1.8m could be increased further in 2019 following its move to the Digital One multiplex.

DAB accounts for 38.3% of all radio listening, and 72.7% of digital listening. The remainder of the digital listening is made up of online/apps (9.4%) and digital TV (9.4%).


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