BBC Asian Network – #NoFilter Tru-Skools Talks Diljit Dosanjh & Tweets


This weeks guest on the Bobby Friction shows #NoFilter segment was Derby based international acclaimed Punjabi music producer Tru-Skool. Bobby Friction is not shy in coming forward when it comes to asking questions and Tru-Skool himself is not what you call shy, the show was made for interesting listening.

We have highlighted two of the main talking points from this weeks #NoFilter show and you can listen again to the whole of the Bobby Friction show on BBC iplayer.

Tru-Skool stood by his tweet below and said that it was due to, in essence people not showing respect to original artists when they play their material. Tru-Skool then went further to say that Certain Bhangra dancers should also be included in his reply, as he stands by his comments and that it was about people with inflated ego’s (not all DJ’s & Dancers) when they had not earned the stripes.

Well, after those thoughts you have to give props to Tru-Skool for bringing up the tweet himself and then attempting to defend himself, furthermore Tru Skool will be showing his support to the Bhangra dancing teams at the event below.

The Diljit Dosanjh – Tru-Skool confirmed that he ‘does not feel like’ working on singles with Diljit at present, even the El Sueno song was from a forthcoming album project & was not slated to be a single. The album concept is Tru-Skools preferred option which could happen again sometime in the future.

Tru-Skool mentioned that he did not like some of the people around Diljit recently and highlighted Kalik West as a brown-noser.

Tru-Skool did confirm there had never been hostilities between him and Diljit and plenty of projects were offered to him i.e 1984 soundtrack he pointed out that he had never slated Diljit in tweets, and that those tweets were aimed at other people.

The positive out of this part of the conversation was that the relationship between Diljit and Tru-Skool has not soured and the possibility of the two working together in the future is still a possibility.

Tru-Skool did not mention the person who those tweets were aimed at, but did state that he was getting angry just thinking about that person.

New Music: Tru-Skool confirmed he has 2 Albums and an EP coming out this year, adding to that, 2 new artists that are from his camp also releasing, 2019 will be a busy busy year.

Article By Leena Ahmed for Daily Ent. Xpress and DNA India


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