BBC Asian Network Retains Top Spot But People Are Listening For A Shorter Period


It’s that time of year again when the Radio listening figures are released via RAJAR. These are the first figures to be released for 2019 and take into account the period of Jan 1st 2019 – March 31st 2019 & once again the BBC Asian Network retains top spot as the preferred listening choice of UK Asians.

The BBC Asian Network delivered a reach of 536,000 listeners – up 9k per week from 527,000 listeners in Q4/18 (Oct – Dec)

The amount of time people listened to the station saw a large decrease from 5.3 hours to 4.3 hours.

The BBC Asian Network market share also dropped from 0.3% to 0.2%

The BBC Asian Network’s year on year listenership  for the same period down by a staggering 14.6% from 628,000 to  this years 536,000 – representing a loss of 92,000 listeners per week.

In January we spoke with the BBC about the figures and we were informed that they understood a decrease overall was coupled with their vision of growing their audience of 15-24 year old’s.

Sunrise Radio National also added listeners quarter-on-quarter, up from 527,000 listeners to 536,000 listeners in this quarter. The station’s listening hours were slightly down from 4.6 hours to 4.2 hours. However, its share stayed unchanged at 0.1%.

Sunrise Radio National’s year-on-year figures were down by 6.1%. This time last year, the station delivered a reach of 360,000 listeners.

Panjab Radio continued to slide as it again lost listeners this quarter – down from 187,000 listeners to 163,000 listeners. Listening hours were also down from 3.2 hours to 2.3 hours – a decline of 12.8%.


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