Beant Kaur & Jagsir Singh Arrested Over Murder Of A Newly Born In California!


A shocking story is emerging from a Bakersfield house in California, Two people have been arrested after the body of an hours-old baby boy were found in the backyard of a house in Southwest Bakersfield.

On Tuesday, February 26, the Bakersfield Police Department responded to a residence in the 5200 block of Shining Crag Avenue in Southwest Bakersfield for a possible homicide, reports 23ABC.

Police officers have stated that an investigation revealed that a juvenile had gave birth to a live baby boy at the residence in November of 2018. Within hours of the birth, The Police Department say 43-year-old Beant Kaur Dhillon took the baby and allegedly murdered him at the residence.

According to BPD, the alleged victim told her school what happened and the school contacted authorities.

BPD says investigators discovered the baby boy’s body in the backyard of the house.

23ABC obtained photos from a neighbor showing what appears to be BPD detectives searching through a large stone planter in the backyard of the home.

Beant Kaur Dhillon was arrested for murder and felony child abuse, BPD says. 47-year-old Jagsir Singh was also arrested in connection with the investigation for aiding a felon, felony child abuse, and conspiracy, according to BPD.

Two children were taken into protective custody from the house.


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