Behind The Scenes With Sidhu Moosewala – Confirms The Video To “Tochan” Was Not For The Byg Byrd Version


Last week saw the release of the “Tochan” video by Humble music for the artists Sidhu Moosewala and Byg Byrd, we (Daily Ent. Xpress) were called out by many “fans” (not the artists) for not knowing the full facts and for highlighting something that did not seem plausible, a rift in the camps? Well thanks to the release of the “Making Of The Video” mini documentary, we feel vindicated in the story we released last week.

The story in full around the video is here for all to read – Tochan, SIDHU MOOSEWALA, BYG BYRD – Is Everything As It Seems Though?

The making of video which was released last week, features no music from the track, not even a snippet. We also see some very adventurous efforts to dub the music that is playing, so who was the producer behind the “Tochan” track? Speculation is rife as to who it could be, and why was it not the Byg Byrd version? And, If it was not the Byg Byrd version, does that signal the end of the partnership that shook the Bhangra world in 2017? Like we said we had boots on the ground, so we knew we were 100% correct in what we reported.

Here is the making of Video, watch the whole 7.30 minutes or skip to 03.10 and 05.14 to check out some adventurous dubbing

For those that might say Humble do not allow music in making of videos? Check out our boy T-DOT’s making of “Just Listen”


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