Behja Behja Karam Bajwa – New Punjabi Song 2019


Behja Behja Karam Bajwa: The new Punjabi song from Defender Squad Records is Behja Behja’. The singer is Karam Bajwa. Music for the new Punjabi song is by Ravi RBS. Lyrics for the song are by Karam Bajwa himself. Review By DEX (DailyEntertainment Xpress).

Karam Bajwa a singer who really is different from others. His vocal delivery and style are unique to him. He has his own style and flow and he maximises what he has. Behja Behja is a laid back lazy reggae-style tune that gets you nodding along throughout.  You buy into the track fully as it goes on. A really unique individual with his own style. Others could learn from Karam, work with what you have rather than trying to be someone else. Behja Behja is on our playlist for sure.

Karam Bajwa shot to the attention of Punjabi music fans with his party anthem Jatt Jameson. The song was a part of his Defender Album. The album was not launched without any real fanfare. Yet gradually shot into the conscious of music fans. Check out the song Jatt Jameson here:

Behja Behja Karam Bajwa Song Credits: Singer | Lyrics | Composer: Karam Bajwa  Music: Ravi RBS Rap | Video: Shar S Promotions: Gold Media   Project by: Harpreet Khakh Designs: Roop Kamal Singh  Label: Defender Squad Productions


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