Bhangra, Hip Hop Or Pop Music, What Does Your Workout Playlist Say About You?


It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Swindon, and I had the pleasure of catching up with our resident fitness gurus Manjit Singh Dol and Jazmin at Absolutely Fit Studio, whilst sitting there, me with Hop House larger bottle and Manj with his water and Jazmin with her smoothie, I started to think about what playlists mean to people when they are in the gym/or out running. What does a playlist say about the person who is listening to it, we got to thinking, are we right or wrong? Is your genre of music defining your gym experience and giving us an insight into you?

Old Skool Bhangra 

You crave a return to those youthful years, whether it be the uni-days where you ran riot in the student bar, or those days when your boys kitted out Ford Escort was the ladies magnet. You miss that adrenaline rush you got when you was throwing shapes at a gig where the Safri Boys and Malkit were firing shots at each other with dhol licks and basslines to make you want to move your body like a snake charmer! Those days are gone, but you are chasing that former waistline!

Modern Bhangra 

Angry trainer who likes space, the gym is your alone time, social media has meant you live in a world where everything has to be on display.That includes everything you do and listen to, whether you like Sidhu Moose Wala or not, it has to be the track you are pumping whilst out running, the anger in modern bhangra energizes you when working out  that gangster in you is growing, but is the anger aimed at social media or yourself? In the zone at the gum as it is your space, but on the way home, it is Sharry Maan you are blasting.


Whilst at the gym, you see the love everywhere, you think you are a part of a Bollywood feature you lose yourself in the moment. Love is in the air, and the bond between you and Bollywood is something special when working out. You have one wish, deep down inside every time you are out running, you just want to see some action, harassed elders, kids picking on others, so that you can become the hero of your very own running Bollywood film. A gentle gym enthusiast, who’s work outs are more about length than speed.

Peak Hip-hop

When asked about Drake, you always fire back with, “Fcuk Drake, Where LL Cool At” and that anger right there then fuels you in the gym, the treadmill is your East Coast Hip Hop, pacey, raw energy and just keeps delivering. The West Coast hip hop vibe is your weights, laid back, but energy sapping, you work it hard during the week as Friday is the day to kick back! Peak Hip Hop playlists highlight angry issues and a refusal to accept any new hip hop being as dope as what you had on in your walkman! Go Hard Or Go Home! 4 days of the week anyway


You listen to Ariana Grande in the spin room at the gym and – if no one is around – pretend you’re in the Side To Side video. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it. You’ve got a painstakingly curated party mix filled with 90s and 00s bangers which you’ll listen to on the train, in work, running and at pre-drinks – after all, pop is for all occasions. It brings people together. Whether you’re blasting Beyonce, listening to Little Mix or tuning into Justin Timberlake, it just takes a few minutes of guilt-free sugary pop to get your head in the game. Respect.



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