Bhangra Music Videos – 5 That Changed The Game!


Bhangra Music Videos: The Bhangra video has certainly evolved, some would say for the better some would say for the worse, but that is a topic for another day, today we look at 5 Bhangra videos that we deem as game-changers.

Bhangra music videos today are big business but take it back a few decades, videos were simply a far fetched dream of many a musician. Radio was king and selling tapes was the vision, videos were deemed too expensive and the lack of channels to play them did not justify the cost.  In 1989 one group in the UK set about shaking up the system:

Achanak, a newly formed band took the scene by storm in 1989, programs like Bhangra beat and Network East all of a sudden had a video to play, and this was the talk of the town.

Why a game-changer? Simple, this video took the UK Bhangra scene off the radio and onto the screens.  all of a sudden we had local lads on TV singing the music we were bumping cars and at gigs. This video was also done with a lot of professionalism, which made it stand out, Achanak had just bomb rushed the whole game!

Jasbir Jassi: A revolution had taken place inside the homes of Punjabi people outside of India, we were now getting Punjabi TV channels and getting hand-fed Bollywood videos on an hourly basis. Then out of the blue, we got “Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujrat Di” by Jasbir Jassi, this was a Punjabi song, with a Bollywood style video. WOW

Why a game-changer? After the Achanak song above, Bhangra videos had become more plentiful, but the quality of them was not the best. Punjabi music videos were still miles away from Bollywood, this video changed that, all of sudden Punjabi music video’s were set to explode on the scene, with colour and professionalism.

Jazzy B, he was already a household name, his live shows were grabbing peoples attention across the globe, and his album sales, well they were rocketing through the roof. Videos were not new to Jazzy B, and he had shot many before this, but all of a sudden the quality of the videos changed, and Jazzy raised the bar with this bad boy!

Why a game-changer? Jazzy B was one of us, whether you were in Canada or the UK, he was seen as someone youngsters could relate to. Surma, was a big track, to see such a video from someone everyone related to opened peoples minds. All of a sudden India became the go-to for high-quality Bhangra music videos, Punjabi videos should not be mocked anymore.

J-Skillz was very fortunate that he had such talented friends in Ballistic Productions, after Jazzy B’s video, a whole host of music videos were now being released, mainly shot in India. New TV channels like B4U, Zee Music were launched and they were pushing Punjabi music to the fore. The issue being, the quality of the videos and the content had really begun to suffer. So, when this video dropped, we once again saw the bar raised, and all of sudden it was not only India that could make good videos, the UK had Ballistic Productions.

Why a game-changer? The quality of music videos had really dipped, and people were getting bored of the same one-dimensional videos, “Akh Sharabi” had professionalism written all over it, and to say it was on repeat on every channel would be an understatement.

Diljit Dosanjh & Tru-Skool, the pair had already smashed records with B2B, so the expectations were high when it was confirmed they would be working together again, and the video, well let’s say, it took everyone by surprise. It took Peaky Blinders from Netflix to a massive new audience and highlighted that innovation was not dead.

Why a game-changer? This video took western TV culture and delivered it into the homes of Punjabi’s across the globe, no Punjabi video had used the culture of British TV show’s like this before, Peaky Blinders all of a sudden was on repeat among desi’s everywhere, and all of a sudden TV show’s were looked at for inspiration. Quality-wise this raised the bar again and highlighted if something is done right, people will appreciate it.


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