Latest Punjabi Song,Bhukki Da Card – Sukh Sandhu and Yuvleen Kaur


Los Pro present Bhukki Da Card by Sukh Sandhu and Yuvleen Kaur, the latest Punjabi song is wrote by Billa Nagri.

We are suffering from a lack of Gurlej Akhtar in our lives, she has now failed to release in almost 10 days, we hope she is OK. In her absence we have started trawling music sites to see how we can best fill this void, and we may just have found a gem of singer, her name? Yuvleen Kaur.

She is joined on this duet by Sukh Sandhu, who has been on the circuit for some time, without any real major success of his own. The song does not have a big budget video or access to a clever editing suite, it’s just as raw as they come, but Yuvleen is the star of the show, and you know what? We hope someone else notices her talents and affords her the opportunity of working with bigger budgets and producers.


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