Bihar Government Officials Claim Rats Drank All The Missing Seized Liquor! YEAH RIGHT


Monday was the day that the Bihar troopers had picked to collect seized liquor from Police lock ups, which was then going to be destroyed. Nearly 200 beer cans, seized and kept under lock and key in Kaimur district, were found empty, with officials blaming the rats for consuming it.

Coincidentally, last year about nine lakh litres of liquor seized during operations carried out to check violation of prohibition in the state was found to be missing from police stations across the state and officials in the department also claimed that rats had drank all nine lakh liters of the collected liquor.

Excise Superintendent Pradeep Kumar said Tuesday the seized liquor was kept inside the Police Warehouse for quite long and though he confirmed holes in the cans, he said it would be premature to say anything about the cause.

Neither official, however, could confirm the exact quantity of liquor that was missing.

Sale and consumption of alcohol in Bihar was completely banned by the Nitish Kumar government more than two years ago.


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