Binnu Dhillon Reacts To Kavita Kaushik’s Statements


Last week saw Kavita Kaushik openly discuss her issues with Punjabi actor Binnu Dhillon and how he always wants the movies he makes to be about him and him alone, well Binnu Dhillon has now reacted to the statements released last week by Kavita.

Check out what Kavita Kaushik had to say in this video via Ghaint Punjab.

Getting straight on the case was Ghaint Punjab’s Prakriti who managed to get hold of Binnu and ask him what all the fuss was about.

He did react to the statement and shared his point of view by saying, “Kavita is a very dear friend. We have shared screen in two movies and the audience loved us together. She must have meant something else when she said this. She has been very supportive and I don’t think there are any sour terms between us. Recently, Kavita gave us a clip wishing us all the best for Kala Shah Kala too.”

Prakiti from Ghaint Punjab, went on to ask Binnu why Kavita would have said such things about him being selfish, and if what Kavita had said was linked to her being replaced as the female lead in Naukar Vauti Da

“I have no selfish motive while I am working. Each one gets their own share in the project. Being an actor and a producer I don’t interfere in the script unless I am asked to. I am always very happy and contended with my role, whether it is big or small. I don’t want anyone’s screen time, had I been like that I wouldn’t have promoted other stars at the start of my career. I don’t play such shallow games because that would divert me from my work and hence my performance would get affected. I am too busy in other things than politics on set.”

“I don’t have any reason why she has said this. Why she got replaced is known only to her, the producers and the director. They could tell you better why Kulraj has stepped in. I have no role in all this and I don’t even interfere in any such matters. I am concerned only with my own work and nothing else.”


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