Birinder Singh Beats Them All To Win Moustache Of The Year In New Zealand!


Nothing beats a well groomed Punjabi man, a beard and a moustache that stands out are the trademarks of many a Punjabi. Birinder Singh has took this to new levels by winning New Zealand’s Beard & Moustache Competition of 2019!

Birinder Singh, who is from Northland, New Zealand impressed a panel of professional barbers who judged his moustache the best in New Zealand.

He won a trophy, a medal, moustache grooming products and a monetary reward after the day-long judging last weekend at the NZ Beard & Moustache Competition, part of the Meatstock festival at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.

Originally from Punjab, Birinder received a Facebook message two weeks ago from a friend in Auckland who urged him to take part as he thought Singh had “what it took” to compete.

“Win or lose never crosses my mind in anything I do. I decided to take part as I wanted someone from my community to compete because we often lag behind when it comes to participation in public events.

“We from Punjab consider the turban, beard, and moustache the essence of our culture and tradition. Normally I don’t wear a turban but I went to this competition wearing one because I can’t forget my history.”

Singh used a mixture of oil, shampoo, conditioner, balm, wash and wax on his moustache and beard in preparation for the Auckland event.

“Some participants had a longer beard than me but my moustache was the longest, although you didn’t necessarily have to have the longest moustache to win. You get judged on its length, how you maintain it, and its diet,” he explained.

“I’ve taken part in sporting competitions in India like kabaddi and my attitude has always been to represent my community to the best of my ability and I thought I carried out my responsibility in that regard very well last weekend.”

Check out the video from Ghaint Punjab for more details


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