Black Night Afsana Khan – New Punjabi Song 2019


Black Night Afsana Khan: 2020 will see an explosion of Afsana Khan songs and duets. The female Punjabi singer will not shy away from controversy either. Expect Aksana Khan to be in the headlines next year and it is all a part of her master plan to become the scenes leading Punjabi female artist, by any means!

This new song Black Night by Afsana Khan highlights the direction she is going. Attitude, swagger all with a voice that slays. Black Night does not appeal as much as previous releases of hers in 2019. But that is not the point, she is touting guns, dressing differently and courting everything deemed controversial. This ladies and Gentleman will be the 2020 Afsana Khan. Bollywood is calling and the songs are being readied. Duets with big-name Punjabi singers are being lined and Afsana wants swag to go with it! Thing is, will the public stomach it!

2020 will see a huge amount of songs released that feature Afsana Khan. It’s like everyone has an Afsana Khan vocal that they are waiting to release. The release of the Sidhu Moose Wala song Dhakka has already spawned 6 separate releases of Afsana’s. Just as Gurlez Akhtar found out in 2018/19, giving vocals out to everyone who asks may seem a good idea at first, but in the long term….. It is your quality that is impacted.

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