Bobby Friction – Talks About The Importance Of UK Bhangra, Not Just For Asians, But For The UK


The word on the street is the UK Bhangra scene was as important as any other musical movement in the UK? Well tonight on BBC 4 at 10pm (repeated on Sunday on BBC 2) Bobby Friction, not only confirms that, but takes you the viewer on a whirlwind tour of the golden days of the UK Bhangra scene and its importance to every single desi growing up in those times.

Bobby Friction is a man that is all about the music, his knowledge of the scene is impeccable. He watched it from afar, he then became a part of the scene to now breaking people into the scene, so could you ask for a better person to make this program? We think not, here is a salute to you from the whole music industry here in the UK for making this show.

The show does not solely focus on music, but also looks at the importance of the scene to unite a community that was facing very difficult times, as this clip shows.

We caught up with Bobby to ask him why he felt so passionately about the UK Bhangra scene, and why he felt this story had to be told.

“I wanted to make this documentary as when people’s stories aren’t told, over time they disappear. When those stories disappear then the history & the people who were part of that history disappear too. This documentary is not only a record of those times but an attempt to make sure our collective British Asian history is seen as British History full stop. I’m also very aware that people across the world see this Island as a crucible where new music is forged constantly, but somewhere along the way Bhangra has been left out of that. Well I’m not having it! Those original pioneers were doing what all British musicians have done for decades, namely creating a fusion of everything around them & trying to change the world one song at a time.”

We here at Daily Ent. Xpress cannot wait to watch the show and the footage looks amazing, Bobby must have sat through days and days of footage to ensure he managed to capture every aspect of the UK Bhangra scene

“The archive material in the documentary has mostly been gathering dust on BBC shelves so this documentary was an attempt to liberate that material and let our British Asian story be told.”

We are not going to ramble on, just make sure you are locked in tonight as this piece of UK music history is not something we can afford to disappear!


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