Bobby Singh Accused Of Price Hikes & Selling Expired Masks Hits Back


Bobby Singh, the owner of a Plainview (Long Island, New York) company accused of price gouging and selling expired face masks is apologizing and denying some of the charges against him.

Bobby Singh, owner of Warehouse Liquidation Center, said his business is the one Nassau County officials accused of selling uncertified and overpriced N95 masks. In a video on YouTube, Singh apologized for selling masks in plastic bags, but he denies other accusations his business is facing.

“Mistake No. 1, we put it in a Ziplock bag, which we admit was a mistake. No. 2, it was expired and we sold it, well that’s where we are right. No. 3, it was fake, that is absolutely wrong, we have all the proof,” said Singh.

County officials say they are not naming the business charged with price gouging and selling uncertified masks. They say the store they’re not identifying is facing five violations and $25,000 in fines.

At a news conference on Monday, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said the masks being sold were pulled from shelves in 2011.

In his YouTube video, Singh says he priced his masks based on what he paid for them at a wholesaler. He says he hopes he can straighten things out with the county and apologizes to anyone that’s upset over products his store sold.

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