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Thankfully and after what seems like a lifetime Harp Farmers seem to be getting more props than ever. Harp Farmer Pictures are a team that is dedicating to promoting the folk, traditional and wholesome thins of Punjab. The journey may have been long but thankfully now the recognition seems to be filtering through.

Today saw the release of a shortened version of the 2018 release ‘Boliyan Da Meenh’. The traditional boliyan are performed by singer Harmel and the music is by Gavy Sidhu. The full 9-minute version is added below if you like the teaser. The last two weeks also saw Harp Farmer Pictures release an album (Geet Panjaab De) of traditional Lok Geet/Folk Punjabi songs. If you wish to check that album out in full (16 songs) then just click here:

Whilst searching around the Harp Farmer YouTube page you will come across many solid Punjabi folk songs. One of the best they have released was the innovative version of Dulla. The Lohri De Geet rendition was simply awesome and offered something totally fresh. If you have not checked this out then just press play here: (If you prefer to stream it, check it out on Spotify here)

The full version of Boliyan Da Meenh is here if you enjoyed the new 3-minute version above. If you prefer to stream it, check it out on Spotify here.


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