Bolliyan ਬੋਲੀਆਂ By Satwinder Bitti – Is She Back Firing?


Oh yes she is, well in our eyes anyway. As we head into wedding season, ladies will be looking for songs to add to their Ladies Sanget tunes list, and this, well it might just make a few of those playlists this season.

Satwinder Bitti is a serious contender for the Queen of Bhangra crown if she can find her mojo again, and if she really want’s it, she has comfortable life style and may think that, the new world of social media is not what she is after, which would be a pity, as we could do with more tunes like this and we all know she can do folk to a tee.

Check out the latest Punjabi Song By Satwinder Bitti feat. Mr Wow ” Boliyan” via Speed Records here:


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