#Bollywood Rocked: Salman Khan & His Brothers Raped Me – Pooja Misrra Speaks Out #MeToo


Salman Khan’s name has now also cropped up in the #MeToo allegations. Not only Salman, names of his brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan have also featured in these allegations.

A former Big Boss contestant Pooja Misrra has levelled shocking allegations accusing Salman Khan, Arbaaz and Sohail of raping her. Joining the #MeToo campaign, Pooja Misrra has shared her story via social media and they gathered pace thick and fast.

Pooja Misrra accused Salman Khan and his brothers of raping her when she was unconscious during the shoot of Salman’s movie Sultan. She has shared videos on social media. In the video, Pooja Misrra also claimed that Shatrughan Sinha used black magic on her, the report said.

Pooja Misrra has claimed Salman Khan, Arbaaz and Sohail raped her on multiple occasions. She also said that Shatrughan Sinha hacked her phone and laptop to steal her creative ideas. She said that Shatrughan Sinha used her ideas to lift up his daughter Sonakshi Sinha. Pooja Misrra claimed that Shatrughan used black magic on her and that she is being haunted by ghosts since then.

Watch Pooja Misrra narrate her story in the videos below


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