Boxer Vijender Singh To Fight On Amir Khan Under card?


Last year we broke the news that Punjabi boxer Vijender Singh had signed with one of the biggest boxing promoters in the world, Bob Arum. Top Rank (Owned by Bob Arum) had an eye on making some big money fights for the fighter back in India.

Well roll forward 8/9 months and Vijender has still not had a fight since Dec. 2017 and at 33, time is not on his side. We have now been informed that Vajinder might be fighting very soon, as soon as April 20th, on the Khan v Crawford under card.

Vijender took to twitter on Wednesday to inform his fighting fans that he is now training with legendary boxing coach Freddy Roach. Let’s hope Freddy and Bob Arum can get Vijender out of the gym and into the ring as with each passing day the interest in Singh is on the wain.


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