Boy Dies After Birthday Bumps From Friends!!


A student in India has died on his birthday after his friends took his birthday bumps too far! The video has since gone viral of the birthday party, where a group of his friends gave birthday bumps to the birthday boy causing his death. He suffered from stomach ache and pancreas damage which lead to his death.

The tradition of birthday bumps has took on a nasty turn recently in India and have become more harsh. The birthday bumps nowadays are more brutal than ever.

This is not the first time we have seen deaths caused by bumps. 2019 has seen several cases that have reported death and injuries yet in spite of that, people fail to understand their adverse effects. In this case, the intentions of friends were said to be good, though the video looks very different, with some real intent highlighted.

The fun went to far and the boy died as his organs were crushed. Earlier, IIT-Bombay had to ban birthday bumps completely from the campus after a boy died.


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