Brawl At Police Station As 22 Year Old Declares Love For 60 Year Old Mother Of 7


They say love is without boundaries and does not discriminate against ages. So this case should not shock, but it does leave us scratching our heads lol.  A 22-year-old man has been booked at the Etmaduddaula Police Station in the city of the Taj Mahal for “disturbing peace in the area” after he refused to end his love affair with a 60-year-old woman.

The woman’s husband and son reported the matter to the police station Thursday. After a charge was filed against the 22-year-old man, he also rocked up to the police station to file a report with his family. He was told the police that he was in love with the woman and was not breaking any laws. Even though she is married.

Soon, a quarrel broke out at the police station between both families, even as the woman and the young man announced that they wanted to get married. The woman is the mother of seven children, besides being a grandmother to seven others, and lives in the Prakash Nagar locality of the city. The man said that he is ready to see her children and grandchildren as his own. This further angered the children of the woman all of whom are elder than her lover!

The family members of the both the youth and the older woman tried to intervene and convince the lovers to call off their relationship, but the two remained adamant.

When the lovers did not relent, the police registered an FIR against the 22-year-old man for disturbing the peace in the area. The man has confirmed he is aiming to marry to the 60-year-old who is said is the love of his life.

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