Britain’s Strictest Pub Rules?


One popular Plymouth pub has recently been taken by new owners – and it’s now got a new set of rules.

Plymouth Live has been told that the new rules have been put in place to discourage troublemakers and problems – which has had a positive effect.

The same rules have been in place at The Hyde Park for many years to discourage rowdy behaviour.

Some people are seeing the funny side, but one man contacted Plymouth Live unhappy about not being able to wear sports shirts.

One man, who used to play darts in the pub before it was taken over, said: “I understand work wear, especially plasterers or ground workers, don’t want grubby floors or furnishings – but the rest is stupid.

“I play darts I always wear a darts shirt which is sportswear.”If they get darts in there again it means I can’t wear it.

“A couple of years ago it was a very nice pub while playing darts there, but since these rules my local The Bluebird, a couple of doors down, has been so much busier.”

  • The rules state: “Under new management – The House Rules
  • “No baseball caps.
  • “No Hi-Vis.
  • “No work wear.
  • “No sportswear.
  • “No fancy dress.
  • “No large groups.
  • “Dogs and families very welcome.
  • “Many thanks, The Rising Sun.” The in house rules at The Rising Sun –

During last year’s World Cup, one man said he was “disgusted” after being “thrown out” of the Hyde Park pub for wearing an England shirt.

Ian Stone was celebrating England’s win against Sweden, with friends at The Hyde Park pub on Mutley Plain when they were all asked to leave by the bar manager, as half of the group were wearing the national football shirt.

The Hyde Park said its policy has always been to not allow people to wear football shirts inside and that there are signs outside and inside the pub.

A spokesperson from The Hyde Park, said: “We don’t allow football shirts in the pub and we don’t put football on the televisions.

“There are signs out the front on the door and in the pub as well.

“We just ask that there is no football shirts.”


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