Brown Boys Sidhu MooseWala Split? It’s Getting Messy


Sidhu MooseWala and his loyal Brown Boys camp are in the midst of a social media spat that may bring to an end an amazing chapter in recent Punjabi music. 3 years after giving Punjabi music fans hit after hit it does seem as if a rift has been engineered by others to ensure the successful trio no longer work with each other.

It was February 2020 when a song called ‘Kill Shoot’ was leaked that featured Sidhu Moosewala on vocals and was a Brown Boys production. The song at the time was just one of numerous songs leaked. The person blamed for the leaks at that point was Kanwar Grewal. Mr Grewal was the once-trusted aide of Sidhu Moose Wala. This led to digital media giants Gold Media getting involved and removing several of the leaked songs. The problem being, you can’t delete them all.

So roll forward 2 months and trailer for a song called ‘My Block’ appeared online. The teaser featured Sidhu MooseWala and Byg Byrd. My Block was the same as the leaked version of ‘Kill Shot’. The production for the song was by Byg Byrd and the teaser banged and got Punjabi music fans hyped for the new release from the trio.

So the teaser of My Block was ‘leaked’ online. Gold Media who seem to be the digital partners of Sidhu Moose Wala then added the following message to Instagram!

Byg Byrd then commented on the post agreeing with the sentiments issued by Gold Media! The reply from Gold media then triggered a huge reaction from the producers of the song and fans of the singer Sidhu MooseWala.

There is a saying that goes ‘Never bite the hand that feeds you’, in this case, the saying should read ‘Never knock the leaks that feed you’. The Sidhu Moose Wala camp has a history of leaks, Sidhu himself has said on many occasions that it is those leaks that shot him to fame. Unfortunately, leaks will catch up with people in the end. The following tweet was sent by Sunny Malton and it confirms that the leaks of numerous other songs came from the Sidhu Moose Wala camp.

The tweets and back and fourths have continued through the last 24 hours. Sidhu Moose Wala has yet to reply to the allegations. Instead, Gold Media have seemed to have done his talking! Is this end of the hugely successful chapter in recent Punjabi Music? We hope not as the only ones losing out will be the fans of the trio!

Check out the video below for a full version of events of what has happened in the last 48 hours


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