Brown Boys Talk Sidhu Moose Wala & PBX 1


It has almost been a week since the release of “PBX 1” by Sidhu Moosewala, and last week we caught up with Sidhu Moosewala himself, Harj Nagra, Intense and Snappy to talk about PBX 1.

But ( & there is always a but)  lots of people were left scratching their heads and asking “How come you have not interviewed Byg Byrd/Brown Boys, about the album?”

You asked for it, we delivered, Byg Byrd talks PBX 1!!

DEX: OK, PBX 1, how did Brown Boys, hook up with Sidhu Moose Wala?

Byrd: Same way as all Indians, Facebook, lol, he dropped me a message on Facebook saying he liked my stuff and that we should do something together, and you know what, 4 weeks later “So High” the track was done!

DEX: 4 Weeks????!!!!!

Byrd: Yeah bro, the song was finished, obviously the video and other things still had to be done but the song itself was done within 4 weeks of us talking. 

DEX: That’s crazy, so how about the G-Wagon video, you was in that video?

Byrd: Yeah, we were working together at that time and Sidhu called us up and was like, I got a video shoot for this track and he wanted us to come down and be in it. Me and Sidhu had clicked, so you know it was cool to support each other. 

DEX: So when you was sitting on “So High” did you grasp how big that song could be?

BYRD: I knew it was good, but you can never really tell when a track is going to blow up. We sometimes sit on tracks that we think will do okay, but they end up doing better than we expected.
One thing Sidhu said when we were working on the track was that he wanted a track that was like an anthem, so something you listen to in a group and throw your fists up to, and damn it worked!!

DEX: So PBX 1, the album, whose idea was it to put together an album?

Byrd: It was a collective thing, me, Sunny and Sidhu decided about 3/4 months ago an album was the way to go, but we wanted to give it a hip hop feel you know, not just a bunch of songs and that’s it, we wanted skits, intro’s  you know. We as hip hop heads wanted the album to be like those that we listen too. 

DEX: The album, PBX 1, is getting some great views, and listening time on T-Series for the album jukebox is up-to 67% (duration of album listened too) which is extremely high, especially as other jukebox albums hardly get 40% 

Byrd: I never knew that, wow, it shows that the album concept we had has worked, and what we are doing is appealing to music fans, look, we as Brown Boys love making music, and we make music that we enjoy, we are blessed that people like what we are doing, the support has been crazy.
From both me and Sunny Malton we just love that people are feeling what Brown Boys are doing, and the love for PBX 1, is huge, so press play and listen again, oh and if you think we stopping at this?!! WAIT AND SEE WHAT WE GOT IN STORE FOR YOU GUYS!



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