Buckets, Stools and Slippers – Elderly Couple Fight Of Attackers


They may well be old but that does not mean they are an easy target for robbery. It was 9pm on Sunday evening in Kalyanipuram, Tamil Nadu when potential attackers raced into the home of an elderly couple looking for a quick score.

What they did not vouch for was Shanmugavel (70) being one tough cookie. The masked men sneaked up on him and put a cloth around his neck. However, as he struggled with the robbers he shouted and kicked out until the man let go. Meanwhile, his wife, Senthamarai (65) comes out running. This is when another intruder is seen in the CCTV footage.

The couple then used slippers and chairs to fight off the attackers! Police have failed to arrest the attackers but have praised the couple’s reactions. Check out the video here:


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