Bups Saggu Folk’n’Bass Is He Winning You Round?


It was In March 2019 that Bups Saggu dropped his first song from his new Folk’N’Bass series. It certainly did split opinion at the time. Whether it was meant to do that or not is still up for debate. Three Folk’N’Bass releases later –  Is he winning over the doubters?

The latest release from the series of remixes is Pyar Wichon Khatia, a cover of the legendary song by Yamla Jatt. The song is sung by Prabh Ubhi and has got more people interacting with the song on social media than his previous two remixes. So is Bups Saggu winning you over?  Pyar Wichon Khatia is more of an ambient mix than his previous releases. We have enjoyed all three songs from the series of remixes and we are glad people are appreciating the innovation shown by Bups. For an artist to throw so much time and effort behind something as different as this can be deemed risky. Thankfully music fans are now understanding the concept and the variation that is on offer by the Wolverhampton based Producer/DJ.

Yaaran Da Truck was the first single released by Bups Saggu for the Folk’n’Bass series and is still our favourite. Over a period of six months, the song has grown organically and won people over. If you have not heard it, you need to check this out! Initially, peoples opinions were split and some are still divided as the original is a classic. Yet, this is as far away as trying to repeat the formula of the original as you could wish!

The second release in the series was Sajna De Naal, a remix of the classic Chamkila song. Once again this offered something unique and has grown on people as the months have gone on. If you have not checked out Sajan De Nall. then just press play! Bups Saggu has promised us there is more to come from the Folk’n’Bass series, so it seems to be a case of get used to the formula, as this series is not going anywhere!


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