Bups Saggu – Make Music That Makes You Happy! Even If Only One Person Likes It


2019 has started with a bang for Bups Saggu, his first release of the year ‘Sugar’ was followed up with Yaaran Da Truck, both very different projects. Yaaran Da Truck being something totally new from Bups Saggu to what he had done previously, we managed to hook up with Bups Saggu to talk about his new release ‘Favourite Rang’ and how important it is for him as an artist to play with new sounds.

‘Favourite Rang’ is out on Thursday 28th March on VIP Records.

Firstly, ‘Favourite Rang’ is out on March 28th feat. RS Chauhan, is this a straight up Bhangra track or something different?

Yeah this is a Bhangra track and see’s me hook up with RS Chauhan, I have liked Chauhan’s style and tone for a bit now and it was a great experience working with him, hopefully people will like it, the reaction to the promo has been positive so hopefully that is a good indicator.

So ‘Yaaran Da Truck’ the previous release was very different to anything you had released before, why did you feel now was the right time to start releasing music that was ‘experimental’?

Firstly, I love Bhangra music, Bhangra music is my roots, I DJ mainly at Punjabi events, but that in no way shape or form restricts what I listen too. It’s important to listen to music outside of what you are playing.

I listen to Hip Hop, pop music, afro beats, dance music and a whole host more, It’s important to not close yourself off to other genres.

I have now got to the point in my musical journey where I feel I am an established artist, I have a large following globally and I want to showcase my ability to create other styles of music other than Bhangra.

I know that not everyone will like it, but my fan base is now so spread out and diverse that I think it might appeal to some of them, if not all of them.

Yaaran Da Truck, you call it an experiment, but I do not feel it was an experiment, for me it was an opportunity to showcase my skill set, I make music that I enjoy, whether that be Bhangra, dance or hip hop orientated music, If I enjoy making it, I will release it. The track was not an experiment from me, but more an expression of what I can do musically.

So you have been brave enough to step away from what people may expect from you, do you feel other artists should also be brave enough to experiment?

I feel it is important for artists to be more daring with their releases, but, only if they feel they believe in what they are doing – and if they have the capability.

We have so much music being released today and a lot of the time people chase trends; if you as an artist believe in something, why hold back? Just do it, even if one person likes it, does it matter? You have made a track that made you happy and you enjoyed making, that is the most important thing.

I see myself like a Chinese buffet (I love Chinese food), when you go to a buffet you will see so many things on offer, this does not mean you indulge in everything, sometimes you will stick to what you like, sometimes you will experiment with new flavours, that is me, I have a diverse skill set and depending on the track I will go with my gut and trust myself to justify each track musically.

Big thank you to Bups Saggu for taking time out to chat with us here at Daily Ent. Xpress and we wish him the best of luck with his new release ‘Favourite Rang’ feat. RS Chauhan, out on VIP Records.



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