Bups Saggu Talks Sajna De Naal & The Folk’n’Bass Series


If you are going to create a cover version for such a big song as  ‘Dhokha Nahin Kamidha’ by the legendary Punjabi singer Chamkila then you have to ensure you do one of two things, either cover the original as is, or, as Bups Saggu has done take it to the extremes so at no point are you damaging the original, but instead making it your own! Bups Saggu has made this version of ‘Sajna De Naal’ very much his own!

‘Sajna De Naal’ by Bups Saggu is a part of his Folk’n’Bass Series and adds an element of fun to what sometimes is an overly serious industry, the video again is light hearted , but works and ‘Sajna De Naal’ just has a care free appeal to it, which is something that really does strike a chord with us.

We managed to sit down with Bups and ask him why ‘Sajna De Naal’?

I chose Dhokha Nahin Kamidha for a few reasons. Firstly this is my favourite Chamkila track of all time. I’ve loved the melody since i can remember and lyrically the message in this song is powerful and can relate to all.

So was this a recent thing for you, as in you liked it, you have the Folk’n’Bass series going on so let me grab a vocal?

Nah bro, the Pappi Gill vocal was recorded in  2007.  Back then I was with the Rhythm Shakers however, I’ve never found how I wanted my cover to sound until now. The Folk N Bass genre I’m creating allows me to pretty much do what I want and this rendition sounds like it was meant to be! In a nutshell…it’s fire 

How have you found the reaction to the new Folk’n’Bass series?

The reaction to the Folk N Bass series has been much better than I expected, didn’t think such a sound would be readily accepted by the masses but to my suprise it did. I’m geared up more than ever to drop the singles over the forthcoming months.

The Folk’Bass series is a breath of fresh air for us and long may it continue and hopefully it will encourage others to be more risky, good luck to Bups Saggu with ‘Sajna De Naal’. If you missed the first song from the Folk’Bass series check out ‘Yaaran Da Truck’ here:


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