Bups Saggu – Yaaran Da Truck, VIP Records


We are not sure what they are putting in the water in Wolverhampton but, whatever it is, damn, it’s picked up Bups Saggu and twisted him all ends up and In turn created a no holds barred musician!

If you are expecting a run of the mill ‘GT Road’ cover then, damn are you in for a surprise. ‘Yaaran Da Truck’ is the first track from Bups Saggu’s Folk N Bass series, and if this is anything to go by you may well need to strap yourselves in as the journey could get messy!

Bups released ‘Sugar’ in January and response to that track has been positive, so whilst you have the good will of the people why not try and experiment with a new sound. Bups is releasing a song a month in 2019, so expect more tunes like this and like ‘Sugar’……….. Fair play Bups, this for us has been on repeat all week!


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