Burger Kings Halloumi Burger Almost Gets The Sabji Hunter Treatment


Burger Kings Halloumi Burger: Anyone who follows my veggie food journeys on DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress) knows that I love eating out and about. So when Burger King announced that their new Halloumi Burger was now available in the UK. I wasted no time, I rang my Sabji Queen and told her ‘Allow the cooking, we eating out.’ Well, we ended up eating at home! Check out my tweet as to why!

We got to Burger King and joined the queue in anticipation of their new Halloumi Burger. We eventually reached the front of the queue and ordered Burking Kings Halloumi Burger. Thankfully, the young lady who was serving us saw that we were Sikh and said…

‘The Halloumi Burger is not prepared in its own oil, it is fried alongside the chicken, so I would suggest something else.’ 

Now, this set alarm bells ringing inside my head, is this public knowledge? Do vegetarians know that this is happening? Is what we have been told correct? Well, Burger King replied.

OH MY DAYS!!!! So the new veggie option is cooked in the same oil as Burger Kings Chicken and Meat products! This has to be what they call an own goal? Why do this?

The reaction on social media got a bit hectic and comical as people couldn’t believe that Burger King was doing this. Then the question was asked about Burger Kings bean burgers.

 So bean burgers are fine, but not Halloumi burgers! One Question before we leave ….



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