Desi Grill This Weekend? The Leah Shutkever Wings Challenge


Leah Shutkever wings challenge: The nations most popular competitive eater is back Leah Shutkever and this time it’s all about the wings! We here at Daily Ent. Xpress love wings and we especially love good-sized wings. Not the ones that look like they are from a baby chicken! So when we found out that Leah was doing the wings challenge we had to give it a watch. Only then can we judge our own wing eating ability!

So how quickly do you think you could eat 30 wings? Now before you answer that, the wings in the video below are considerably bigger than those in many Desi Pubs so let’s say these 30 wings equate to 40 normal desi grill wings? Now, how long do you think it would take you?  Check out the Leah Shutkever wings challenge here:

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After having smashed the wings challenge, don’t forget to also leave room for that dessert! The look on Leah’s face, it hurts us just watching this amount of food being eaten! Anyway, we are more Angel Delight fans than this platter…. or we are very cowardly! How sweet a tooth do you have and is this challenge for you?


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