Canadian Armed Forces Go Viral Doing Bhangra


Once you stop you just can’t stop, no we are not on about Pringles but instead BHANGRA!

A video of the Canadian armed forces doing Bhangra has gone viral and the Canadian public are loving it. I mean why wouldn’t you, it is Bhangra after all.

On June 22, 2019, the Canadian Armed Forces took part in possibly the most adorable video ever. According to the Facebook post, the Canadian Armed Forces teamed up with Yukon-based bhangra instructor Gurdeep Pandher to make this vision come to life.

The video has gone viral since being posted online. People are loving the diversity of the armed forces and the overall multiculturalism the video inspires.

In the video, you can see Pandher teaching a wide range of armed forces officers how to do simple bhangra moves. As a team, everyone moves together as the music plays in the background.

Surprisingly enough, the Canadian Armed Forces have it going on! While there is some stumbling and confusion at times, everyone is very confident with their moves!

According to the end of the clip, the video was filmed to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of the Canadian Armed Forces – and that’s exactly what it did. Not only did they include wicked dance moves and music from one culture, but they also showcased a wide variety of armed forces members.

The video was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia and even features an iconic BC ferry.


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