Cannes Recent Love Affair With Panjabi Cinema Continues – Saade Aale


The Cannes Film Festival’s recent love affair with Panjabi cinema continues on May 16th with the launch of Saade Aale. Panjabi films first made an appearance in Cannes during the 2015 festival. Chauthi Koot was the first Panjabi film to debut at Cannes followed by “Chamm” a short film based on the struggles of Dalits in India, Gwaachi Paag and the Black Prince were also shown at the worlds most famous film festival.

Deep Sidhu (lead actor in Saade Aale) was first  launched in the Panjabi Film industry by actor and producer Dharmendra with the film Ramta Jogi in 2015. In 2017, Sidhu featured in Jora 10 Numbaria, which also starred Dharmendra.
Speaking to Daily Ent. Xpress and other media from Cannes Deep Sidhu said  “I had sent our story to the committee because I wanted them to consider it under some kind of platform in the sports category. The film is based on Kabaddi and the culture that exists in our rural Panjab, its villages.”

The film was selected under the festival’s promotion of multiculturalism. “They asked us to send the film, but we said it’s not ready yet, and we are still working on it. So, then they told us that if its hasn’t been shared elsewhere, we can make it exclusive for Cannes. And they agreed to launch the film,”
Sidhu, also states a bit about the film  “It is a story of human relations, emotions, their love and hatred, happiness, celebrations and belonging.”

When asked why did Cannes offer them the opportunity to exclusively launch the film at the festival , director Jatinder Mahal told us  “The film’s narrative runs through sports and culture, which is an essential part of Punjabi lifestyle. Cannes wants more global films to come under their screening, to celebrate multiculturalism.”
Deep Sidhu adds, “Director Jatinder has a different take on cinema and is very influenced from Iranian cinema. And the treatment he likes to give to films is international in terms of creativity. It’s not a forgettable comedy, but a film that will linger in memory. I guess that’s why they selected it too.”

No trailer for the film has been launched as of yet, as soon as we get it, be sure we will share it with you all, in the meantime check out the promo’s for previous Panjabi films that have been launched at Cannes.



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