Catching Up With Brampton Grand – The Kid Blowing Up What’s App Groups


You know something is popping off big when you have videos of the same individual getting sent to you from Punjabi’s across the world. Groups from India, Canada, Dubai and the UK have all been sharing and loving the new kid on the block – Brampton Grand AKA Eakamjit Singh Gill AKA Transbhapa AKA Harry Potter.

Canada has excelled in giving us Desi comedians, one of the best around AKA Amazing seems to be someone many of us have grown up alongside. Jus Reign and Russell Peters are another two that have had Desi’s in fits of laughter over the years. But, what about the new generation of Desi’s growing up, who is going to be the one that they relate too? This is where Brampton Grand stepped up!

The Brampton Grand journey (which is still young) started out like most things by accident as he explained to us:

My boy Ajitpal asked me if I wanted to make a movie with him. We didn’t get the movie done but what we did do was make a sprinkle doughnut video. We posted that video and it got a positive response, so we decided to keep going.

I think the biggest driving factor was the void in the Punjabi comedy scene. It seemed to reach a plateau so we started making videos with weird elements to them. Just to bring something new to the scene.

Sprinkle Donut was a video aimed very much at the Canadian scene. Since then Brampton Grand has grown his popularity by making videos that appealed to Punjabi’s across the globe. One video that shot Brampton Grand into everyone’s consciousness was the viral video  – Transbhapa this was both controversial and hugely hilarious!

Brampton Grand went on to explain that at first, he was hesitant in showing his online antics to his parents and loved ones. Social media is everywhere though, so it was not long before those online antics were finding their way to his family.

My family has seen my videos and they love them. They’re a really supportive bunch. At first, I was hesitant to show them but they found the videos one way or another. At first, it was kind of awkward but now I don’t care if they see me doing cringy things online.

So how have you found the reaction to your videos & how does it feel to know that you are popping off globally and making Punjabi’s laugh?

The reaction has been incredible. People really showed us a lot of love. The best feeling in the world is when someone comes up to me in public and tells me how much they enjoy our work. It’s really nice to know that people enjoy our videos.

Today, was just a quick introduction to Brampton Grand, as so many of you have been asking who is this kid. So hopefully now you know a bit more about Eakamjit Singh Gill. Later this year we will have a more in-depth interview with Brampton Grand so make sure you keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, if you want to check out all of his videos and work follow Eakamjit on Instagram @bramptongrand or on twitter @bramptongrand.


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