Catching Up With Bups Saggu Talking Sugar/2019 &DJ VIP’S


New years resolutions are not the easiest of things to keep, yet Bups Saggu is trying his damnedest to adhere to his. What was his? 12 months 12 releases, so on January 31st we get 2019’s first release from Bups and the song is called ‘Sugar’ and features the new singer ‘Stylish Singh’.

We caught up with Bups Saggu to talk all things music, 2019 and the void left left in the music industry by DJ Vips who Bupps had a very close working relationship with.

The new single is out tonight, what part does ‘Sugar’ play in your bigger thinking for the year ahead 

The single Sugar is the start of a huge 2019 for me in terms of new music. I took a few months out for a number of important reasons and during that time it gave me space to think about where I want to take my sound. I love what I do and I work hard at my craft and in 2019 I want to take it to the next level. It became routine for me to release singles do endless shows, and then repeat. I needed a change, and the period away from that well worn path has enabled me to clear my mind and focus on bringing new music and growing as a artist.

So you say you want to go to the next level, does that mean that you now see yourself as a global artist, or is the UK your first and foremost market still?

I will always be true to UK Punjabi and non-Punjabi music as that is who I am. I was fortunate to be one of the producers who, in my early years managed to cross over globally. Ever since my early days making music that appeals globally has been a factor in my thought process. I can say I am an established name in the UK as a DJ and Producer however, I feel a few parts of the world are yet to be educated as to who Bups Saggu is, so I guess 2019 will see me testing new markets. Its always wise to have a global goal when releasing new music but the truth is not everyone will enjoy everything… so keep bringing out stuff that you enjoy making… that has always been my it will be more frequent, just like before.

You have dedicated this single to Vip’s what did he do for you & what is the best way you can remember him

This single ‘Sugar’ Vipen loved the moment he heard it, he was as excited as me for this to release. It was a devastating tragedy to all his family & friends and the Asian music industry as a whole. He was a pillar to his people, and the Punjabi Music Scene he will be dearly missed. 

This single dedication is the least I can do for Vip, he really changed the face of UK Punjabi music. Vipen gave a lot of new artists chances and he gave them the lifestyles they lead today, he paved mine for sure and I will be eternally grateful for that. I remember when we spoke for the first time, he praised my music and talent and he wanted to me to join his team and vision at VIP Records but most importantly, and this sticks with me, he wanted me to exceed my potential and push it to new heights. ‘Punjabi Hurrr’ was my first release with VIP Records, we all know where that track went and years on it is still in the top 200 world charts…only because of Vip’s belief. I am truly grateful of his dedication, kindness and knowledge. 

I will miss mine and Vips’ phone conversations about life and future plans more than anything because they never ended. We used to call with possibly a single question which would lead to something else…then we would go off on another tangent and our calls become never ending conversations that we would just pick straight back up when the next call was made. He was good to talk to, the most honest person to talk to and to work with, but what made us connect so well was our passion for Punjabi music and being dads. Those advice sessions, I will cherish for the rest of my days. 

I hope the world enjoys Sugar as much as Vips did. 

Big thank you to Bups Saggu for taking time out to talk to us about music and life, and we wish him the best with his forthcoming single ‘Sugar’  out on January 31st.


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