Catching Up With Inder Singh Bassi As MTK Global Confirm His Next Fight


Sikh boxer Inder Singh Bassi burst onto the professional boxing scene at the end of 2019. Two wins on live TV and 2020 looked set to be a big year for the British boxer. Then the Pandemic hit and everything changed, we managed to catch up with Inder to talk 2020 and his plans going forward.

It was back in February when Inder Singh took on and beat Zygimantas Butkevicius for his second pro win. MTK Global then confirmed plans to have Inder back in the ring fighting in April and June, a clear plan was in place to ensure that Inder would make huge strides in 2020 on the pro circuit. What no one foresaw was the way in which the world would change.

Inder Singh Bassi: “We had two fights lined up and I was getting some good headlines, so yeah the delay was infuriating but when can you do.”

“I had to remain positive during the lockdown as I was in the same situation as many others. Having fights called off and gyms close really had an impact upon me. All of a sudden my plans began to unravel and I alongside MTK had to think about how we would go forward in 2020.”

“I managed to keep fit and have regular contact with my trainers, but I did not know what I was training for, the boxing world had come to a grinding halt and I had no idea what was going to happen next. Would I even fight in 2020?”

Whilst MTK and Inder came up with a game plan for 2020, Inder kept himself occupied by helping his father and many other Sikh volunteers serve meals for the community. Singh Sabha East London Gurdwara was serving the community (seva) by providing over four thousand meals a week.

During the lockdown, Inder spent a lot of time sparring with Nav Mansouri and this is when the Bassi changed his outlook for the rest of 2020.

“I was called up to spar with Nav and the experience I gained was better than jumping in a ring to fight a journeyman. This then led me to spar with the likes of Felix Cash and Ted Cheeseman. These guys are pros and they have added so much to my game. Going into the gym and being around seasoned pros really opened my eyes. My skillset has improved, I can honestly say that spending time with these guys has changed me as a boxer and I have developed every day since being around these seasoned pros.”

“I was sparring Nav 3 times a week and each time I left the session having learnt new skills. This is one of the reasons my outlook has changed”

MTK has now confirmed that Inder will be fighting on 11th November. This is not a fight against a journeyman to build up Inder’s record. The fight is against Jack Martin, he is also new to the pro game and like Inder he is undefeated. Someones 0 has to go, as the saying goes!

“I could have had a fight against a journeyman, but Jack like me is undefeated and I will gain more from fighting him than anyone else at this stage in my career. Jack and I fought in the amateurs and he is the one who gave me the cut above my eye. I won the fight and I am confident I can beat him again. Putting my undefeated record on the line excites me. I’m fighting a fighter as hungry as I am and this will be a great test. Those who have followed my career know that I am not afraid to put things on the line.”

“Fighting in a ring with no fans present will be different and I will miss the support. Both of my two pro fights saw me sell out the tickets I was provided. Not having those supporters there will be weird, but after this fight, hopefully, my next one will be back in arenas packed with fans. The support I have received from the Sikh community and boxing fans has been fantastic and that is that reason I am taking this fight against an unbeaten opponent. Fighting someone just to build numbers was an option, but I wanted to test myself and show people those who follow me how serious I am.”

So lock in the date people November 11th, the fight will be live on ESPN as well as via MTK Global. We will have more updates as fight night approaches.  It’s good to have boxing back and good to see Inder back in action. For more news on Punjabi boxers keep it locked to Daily Ent. Xpress as we ensure that our fighters get the press they deserve!

A huge thank you to Inder for taking time out to talk to DEX, and remember Bassi V Martin will be streamed live here on DEX via MTK Global.

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