Catching Up With Indi Sangha To Talk Boxing & Life!


Does the name Indi Sangha ring a bell? Well hopefully over the next few weeks and months he will become known to more and more people, the Wolverhampton based boxer is all set to make his big screen debut on March 8th and we managed to get hold of him and talk boxing, life and being Punjabi!

Indi Sangha was born in Derby but now lives with family in Wolverhampton, when we caught up with Indi one thing shone through about him, his love of boxing and his determination to succeed. We as Asians do not have many home bred sporting stories to celebrate and this is one kid who deserves our backing.

We asked Indi why get into boxing?

Why not, I went to a school where I was the only Asian kid in my year, and I had to earn respect, and one way to earn respect in the right way is to take up a boxing, I’m not saying I took it to show off, I loved watching boxing since I was kid, and it just felt natural for me, so when people heard that I was boxing I got very little if any attitude at school.

So was sport the route you wanted go, was studying not your thing?

I wouldn’t say it wasn’t my thing, I’m very determined at whatever I do, I set out to do everything to the best of my ability, and academically I wanted to do that also, I put my heart and soul into my school work, but my passion was boxing, but in life you have to give your everything to everything you do in order to excel.

So being the ‘Boxer’ at school must have meant you got a bit of reputation was that a good thing or a bad thing?

As I was growing up I had two choices, I could down a route that others have and live off a reputation as a local hard man and get in with the wrong crowd or I could go down the route of perfecting my art form and dedicating myself to that, and that’s what I doing. Life is about choices and I believe I made the right one, when you are growing up peer pressure is immense and I think I made a mature call for my career.

So you disciplined yourself?

I have good people around me who support me and what I do, and that is vital, I hear people say Asians do not get support from those around them, but my inner circle which is small have been so supportive of me that  I do not think I could ask for anything else. I have disciplined myself, like I said earlier I picked a route to go down and in order to stay on the right route I needed to dedicate myself to boxing. I hardly go out, I don’t drink, I love being at home and chilling.

I have a passion for boxing, I love the discipline it has instilled in me and each and every time I’m in the gym I’m learning new things, boxing is an art form, and learning new things each day, it just gives me a buzz, I love it.

So which fighters would you say made you fall in love with boxing?

I love watching boxing, I watch it all, when I was growing up it was on the TV regular and the boxers who got me into the sport were Mohammed Ali, what a mover, but as I grew up I loved watching Prince Naseem Hamed, he was a showman who had it all, speed, power an awesome fighter, and then It was Mayweather, I first saw him fight against Ricky Hatton and the press here in the UK had all been building Ricky Hatton, and when I saw Floyd fighting I was like wow, his movement, his disciple and technique all had me in awe.

Indi it has been a pleasure catching up with you, and as fight week gets closer we will be talking more about the big night and about you as a boxer, so for now people…

If you are interested in going to see Indi Sangha fight live on March 8th then click on the link below as tickets are still available, and if you can’t get to the event, remember it will be on BT Sport 


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