Champions League Final Special – Liverpool’s Starting XI – Desi Artists LFC Fans Special


So we pitched the Real Madrid team as Bollywood villains, now lets us take a look at Liverpool and the desi artists who as fans could make the team tonight! Not bloody likely though…

Jurgen Klopp is one of us, we love him, and trust me, he will need all his know how to make this Desi Liverpool 11 perform tonight, so he stays in charge!

Karius Swami Baracus, It has been highlighted that Swami has had issues with his other half, and just like Karius who is always looking to blame his defence, these two are a perfect error prone match, according to the Nimmigrants!

Trent Alexander Arnold – PBN, New to the team, and always on the front foot when it comes to attacking or dancing,! A dance off between these two would be interesting.

Virgil Van Dijk – Noreen Khan, Tall, Imposing, mad hair and always in charge, Noreen may look the joyful one, but do you really want to try and upset her?

Dejan Lovren – J-Skillz, error prone, loves social media, and always seems to pop up, even when not selected!

Andy Robertson – Menis, people were always saying give this kid a chance, and when both finally got a chance, they never let anyone down, let’s hope his freestyle skills will not let him down tonight.

James Milner – Dipps Bhamrah, a man in control, always watching and seeing what is going on, both of these also have a very twisted sense of humor, and they collect stickers.

Jordan Hnederson – Juggy D, A man with passion, doubted by a few, but has fired back with quality and got people back onside, cmon Juggy!!

Wijnaldum – Jassi Sidhu, Always consistent with his views, always on the go, and represents his midfield hard at all times, Jassi needs a big game tonight!

Mane – Jaz Dhami,  Coloured hair, innovative, never scared to take a risk, and always able to deliver that bit of magic that will turn heads and make people applaud.

Firmino – Zora Rhandhwa, Always need a strong lad up-front who never stops working, always dropping tunes, and supporting those around him, Zora need you to pull it out the bag tonight lad.

Salah – Jazzy B, The man Jazzy went from India to Canada to the UK, conquering all before him, hits here, hits there, the man does not stop! Salah went via Egypt, Basel and Italy before coming back to conquer England. Tonight, Jazzy we need a big performance, AGAIN



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