Champions League Final Special – Real Madrid’s Starting XI – As Bollywood Villians


Tonight is the Champions league Final, and England’s most successful team in European Cup history, Liverpool FC are battling the might of the Global footballing giants of Real Madrid. Us being us, and 85% of our squad being Liverpool fans, we had to pitch Real Madrid as the villains of the peace, and for villains, where do you go? Surely it has to be Bollywood, so here is our guide to Real Madrid’s possible starting 11 as Bollywood villiains.

Manager – Zinedine Zidane, one of the greatest to ever play, so who is his Bollywood villain counterpart?

Yes – It has to be the most dangerous of dangerous Bollywood Villans – Mr Mogambo, he also wanted the world and everything in it! How did that go Mogambo? 

Keylor Navas – Plays his part, very well, tells people what they want to here, manages to get picked, but deep down his covering some dark truths about his goal keeping, reminds us of Kajol In The Film Gupt

Dani Garvajal – Do not let those rugged good looks influence you, this man can destroy you with mind games .It has to be Akshay Kumar from the film Ajnabee, twisted guy

Sergio Ramos – Known to wind people up, and get his own way, no matter what the situation, Ramos always does seem to have faithful crew, it has to be the one and only. Gabbar Singh, pure filth

Raphael Varane – Something about Varane, you just can’t trust, he seems to be hiding something, but what is it, and how far will he go to cover it up? Sunil Shetty in Main Hoon Na, was just as dodgy, the double crosser 

Marcelo – Pure wind up merchant, plays with a smie and a cheeky grin, Marcelo is always around when it kicks off, but no where to be found when the authorities come calling. Very much like Bollywood’s very own master of deception  Prem Chopra

Case Miro – His from South America, no stereo typing but he must have a dark character somewhere inside of him, and he may know people who victimize others just to sell some of that white power, just like  Sanjay Dutt in Ageepath a bully and a seller of the coca plant.

Toni Kroos – A man who likes to be in charge, spreading destruction everywhere he goes, always eluding the opposition to control games just as he wants. Bollywood legend Amrish Puri was the master of everything deceitful with a control calmness, these two should be twins.

Luka Modric – Cunning and wily, Modric is a sneak, he can be found in the most dangerous of spots when you least expect it, and has a real dark side. Pran, a Bollywood legend and all time great, he was smarter than Modric, but like Modric, he loved a bad hair day.

Karim Benzema – Benzema has been involved with everyone and everything, court cases, pictures, tapped phone lines you name it, he has done it, and yet he still provides moments of class. Ajay Devgan in Khakee was just as dodgy, involved in everything yet smiled to your face! 

Ronaldo – Grew up in the rough streets of Portugal, and made his way to the top, he balled and played hard, he know runs the show, you got to be a brave mother………. to try and nullify this guy. Sanjay Dutt in Vaastav , really did raise the bar, and his character “Raghu” has been called the greatest Bollywood gangster of all time.

Gareth Bale – His from the valleys you know, Gareth so much want’s to be loved and adored by the club, he will go to any lengths to convince people he is the real deal, but with Ronaldo always been the star, Bale might just implode. Shahrukh Khan in Darr was just as nuts, trying to prove his love, yet he was left being very twisted and alone.


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