Championship Teams – If They Were Bhangra Artists, By Bal Bansal


Bhangra Artists In The Championship!

Last Week, we tied up the Premier League clubs with Bhangra stars, inspired by this, Bal Bansal (Check out his amazing blog here), got to thinking and forwarded us his thoughts and paired up Championship teams with Bhangra names!! Agree/Disagree ?

Wolverhampton Wanderers:(Tarli Digital) – Some really banging tunes… but then a few years ago, they had to reassess themselves as they went into Div 1… but since then, and being enlightened… have come out with some amazing tunes and are at the top of their spiritual game.

Derby County: (Tru Skool) – Mainly because this truly amazing musician is from there… and at the top Of the game, and league.

Aston Villa: (Jeeti, Happy Death Jamm ) – the only one’s in the Bhangra Industry that are vocal for their support of Villa… have both endured some ups and downs… but looks like there’s more ups… than downs…. Up the Villa!

Cardiff City: (Nesdi Jones) – both from Wales. Both very good. Both had successes. Both looking to be in the big time again.

Fulham: (Alaap) – Craven Cottage… of Fulham, getting on a bit. Looks a bit dated, lack of investment and same old story… need to come up with some new hits to keep them going.

Bristol City: (Talvin Singh) – you’ve heard of them both… can’t put your finger on where and why… had success, at some point…

Preston North End: (Sarbjit Cheema) – The name is strong… their personality is strong… when they’re both on the stage, they perform, entertain and have the support some strong big bearded Singh’s!

Sheffield United: (Gurdas Mann) – one of the oldest clubs in the country, still going strong, still winning… still sounding super!

Middlesbrough: (B21) – Some major success a few years ago… with Ravanelli and Chandigarh. Both recently looking to hit the top flight with some investment.

Leeds United: (Manj Musik) – Ok, he’s from Bradford… still, extremely close to Leeds… both have had their ups and downs… separated with managers… but is determined to succeed!

Brentford: (Heera) – both from Greater London, and both look great on stage. Have that grit and good looks to hit anyone’s sas on a Saturday afternoon.

Ipswich Town: (Sahota’s) – Slow. Major success back in the day. Bobby Robson was amazing for them, just like Mukhtar – who had a couple of other releases after Sahota’s.

Norwich City: (Bally Sagoo) – Been in the premiership. Had some amazing record deals… but opted for other avenues. Been a bit quiet recently… but always there, mid-table.

Millwall: (Sardool Sikander) – let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t want to mess with either of them.

Queens Park Rangers: (Daler Mehndi) – Bolo Ta Ra Ra Rangers!!!!  – struggling now… there’s a lot of teams in the Championship!

Nottingham Forest: (Malkit Singh) – Kings & Champions of Europe! Whereas Malkit is King and Champion of Bhangra! – both recently had a few issues, both on and off the pitch.. but are definitely Big in their own rights.

Sheffield Wednesday: (Harbhajan Mann) – no relation to Sheffield United, strong and good… Used to have some banging tracks when in the premiership.. but now, fallen a little. Coming back though.. has a good T-series remix.

Reading: (Ms Scandalous)– Scandalous how they didn’t make it into the premiership a few years ago via the play off finals… since that brilliant success with Punjabi Hit Squad… they’ve somewhat fallen a little and we don’t hear much from them

Birmingham City: (Dalvinder Singh) – Always there with the big boys.. some top tunes with close neighbours Tarli Digital. Hoping they are both able to relive some of their old tunes… and come out fighting to get to the top.

Bolton Wanderers: (Sahara) – Bolton and Sahara are very similar in terms of their followers… high profile people – Bolton have Paddy McGuiness and Sahara have Pakistan…. Which seems to be, where they spend most of their time.

Barnsley: (RDB) – Close to Leeds… but after some issues… not reached the same success as Leeds. Hoping they can avoid relegation… and sort out the issues to release a track or two.

Hull City: (Dhol Foundation) – Reached the FA Cup Final in 2013/2014…. Both have had some really good success… but now?… whilst Johnny shows on his Insta his travels with various other people and groups… Hull need to beat the Mightly Malkit this weekend for a valuable 3 points!

Sunderland: (Achanak) – Ninder reminds us of Roy Keane (when he managed Sunderland) – both determined, strong, vocal and successful. Just hoping they both avoid relegation… otherwise it’ll be hai margae.

Burton Albion: (Sidhu Moosewala) – new to the game. Trying their best. Very young. Will be better and more well known over time.


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