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Manmohan Waaris, the man stacked that many hits in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s that his place and standing in the Punjabi music industry will never be questioned, but is this new single a return to form, or the Waaris of the last few years?

Chaan De Vargi, is a ballad, and it highlights what a voice Waaris has, pitch perfect and able to pull at all dukhi mans heart strings lol. Chann De Vargi, lyrically is a return to form, vocally his always good, Sangtar’s production is always key to Waaris sounding good, and we feel as if Waaris and Sangtar are still longing for the sound to make him appeal to the masses again, the production technically can not be touched, but is stuck between the new and the old, Sangtar needs to be brave and pick one or the other.

Check out latest Punjabi song from Manmohan Waaris “Chann De Vargi” on Plasma records here


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