Channa Ve Channa Naseebo Lal & GSChaggar (New Punjabi Song)


GSChaggar – Remember him? That is a question for UK Bhangra heads. Well he’s back and how! Naseebo Lal is sounding superb on this the new Punjabi song Channa Ve Channa.

Blacklisted was the album released by GSChagger almost 10 years ago and it shot him into the mindsets of music lovers right there and then. Channa Ve Channa is a step away from his then desi sound, this is refreshingly different. A solid production that gets you all dreamy and it just drags you in for the duration of the song. The star of the song is Naseebo Lal, she sounds superb. Vocally not many Punjabi female singers on this earth can touch her and this is why! Superb!

It might be 6/7 years on from his last actual release, but it is good to see more UK producers dipping their toes back in the water with some really innovative projects.

Check out Channa Ve Channa Naseebo Lal & GSChaggar here:

One of the last releases from GSChagger was the Sublime Boliyan via Limitless Records. These boliyan featured Lehmber, Manna Dhillon & Satwinder Lovely. The boliyan proved to be very popular and certainly were a hit across UK club nights at the time. Want to remember that GSChagger sound? Check out Sublime Boliyan here:


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