CHARCHE Gippy Grewal & Shipra Goyal – New Punjabi Song 2020


Back to back music releases for Gippy Grewal? Has someone has turned the clock back? Charche is the latest Humble Music release and features Shipra Goyal on vocals alongside Gippy Grewal. Music is provided by Desi Crew. Is this a return to the old desi aggressive sounding Gippy?

The angriest sounding man in Punjabi music, that’s Gippy Grewal. A powerful vocal always delivered with passion and power. A recent delve into a more commercial sound didn’t return the success the singer was after. So this is a return to his more desi style.

Gippy Grewal is joined by Shipra Goyal on vocals and the pair just don’t seem to have that chemistry in this song as other pairings. The aggressive delivery of Gippy seems to be quite a contrast to the chilled out laid out vocal from Shipra Goyal. The song will work as Gippy has a huge fanbase and hardcore following. How long will Charche live in the mind though?

Desi Crew has dropped an instrumental that allows both singers to do their thing. The only issue being, it just seems to become very samey as the song gets past the first verse. In a scene where duets are now more innovative than ever, sometimes people need to think outside the box.

As we said, expect this to bang with Gippy’s hardcore fanbase. How long will it stay on peoples playlists though? Check out Charche by Gippy Grewal and Shipra Goyal and let us know what you think.

Song: Charche Singer: Gippy Grewal & Shipra Goyal Lyrics: Happy Raikot:i Music: Desi Crew Dir: Rakesh Mehta Choreographer: Mehul Gadani Mix Master: Bhanu Thakur

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