Chetan Pal Panesar Travel Agent Jailed For Taking Money For Tickets Never Booked


Chetan Pal Panesar was a travel agent who cheated his customers and as a result, tonight starts a 21-month jail sentence. Chetan Pal Panesar, who ran E-tickets Worldwide Limited, in Handsworth, Birmingham, tricked 18 people out of £32,000 for flights he did not book.

Panesar from Handsworth had previously pleaded guilty to participating in a fraudulent business carried on for a fraudulent purpose. Panesar, 48, from Handsworth, had accepted several cash instalments over a number of months, reports the BBC.

Jailing him, the judge said he repeatedly lied to victims.

Judge Kristina Montgomery QC told him: “These were the sort of people who would scrimp and save to visit relatives.

“Over a period of time you took from people.

E-Tickets Worldwide

” Money that went into your business and ultimately your pocket and they received nothing… it was for them a significant deprivation.” The judge then went on to give details why Mr Panesar was given a custodial sentence which included the fact that he lied about being a member of Abta and Atol travel bodies and blamed airlines for tickets not arriving.

One person had booked flights to the US to see their terminally-ill mother but could not go because the tickets had not been paid for by Panesar, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

In another case, a woman turned up at Gatwick on Christmas Eve with her daughter to find out their flights to New York had not been booked.

Eighteen people came forward to trading standards, but other people previously told the BBC they were also affected.

Carlton Thomas complained to the BBC he saved £5,000 through his cleaning job to buy family flights to Jamaica which were never booked.

Sajeela Naseer, head of Birmingham Trading Standards, said it welcomed the custodial sentence and was seeking compensation for victims through proceeds of crime proceedings.


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