Chill Mode, Deep Jandhu Dilpreet Dhillion, Jagi Singh, Bhana Lal – Humble Music


Deep Jandu has teamed up with Dilpreet Dhillon,  Jaggi Singh & Bhana La to give you “Chill Mode” on Humble Music.

The song is all about chilling with the squad and the rules around such planned events, the song is well produced by Deep Jandhu. The style in which it’s delivered may highlight the market it is being aimed at, It’s not so much sang, rather just vocally delivered.

Next time you are out chilling, will this be the tune you are pumping ?

Check out the latest Punjabi song by Deep Jandhu Dilpreet Dhillon, Jaggi Singh & Bhana La on Humble Music here “Chill Mode”


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