Classroom Whispers, Jack The Ripper, And Indian Weddings All Feat. In Today’s Rumour Mill v Bullshit Factor!


25/05/18: It’s FRYDAY and it is fish and chips for us, now let us see if the plain paper used to wrap our  greasy food has more truth printed on it than the sports pages of the national press.

Manchester United are willing to pay the £79m required to sign winger Douglas Costa from Bayern Munich. The 27-year-old Brazilian was on loan at Juventus last season and the Serie A champions giants have the option to sign himBullshit Factor – 90%
Probability – Remember when you was at school and whispered a rumour to your friend? It then worked it’s way back to you, that is what has happened here, bare masala added!

Agent Taggar: With Juventus already having the option and made a loan payment already which would come off the transfer fee he should be joining them. Think Man Utd got more chance of signing Diego Costa! 90% BS! 10% chance of it happening.

Pochettino will also target Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha, 25 – but the Eagles are desperate to keep the Ivory Coast international. (Mail)Bullshit Factor – 25%
Probability – Hodgson will have to use all his charm here to keep the Ivory Coast international. Thing is, Jack The Ripper had more charm than old Roy, expect Zaha to disappear into the North London’s smog and leave sunny Croydon

Agent Taggar: Zaha admitted he was to young and immature for the big move to Man Utd and out the capital. Now he is older bit wiser and he would still be in London, it seems a good fit for him. 75% chance of happening.

New West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini wants to bring up to seven new signings to London Stadium this summer, including 35-year-old Ivory Coast midfielder Yaya ToureBullshit Factor – 70%
Probability – 7 lol! I think he misunderstood the board of directors in the interview,they actually said, S Club 7 are coming to perform at West Ham

Agent Taggar: Yaya needs a big contract and if West Ham gave James Collins and Evra a chance at their ages then Yaya could land himself a two year deal on decent wages from the clueless West Ham owners! Clubs abroad including in the USA could be more appealing! 30% Chance of this happeing.

United will pursue Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Italian club put a £87.5m price tag on the 23-year-old Serbia international. (Mail)Bullshit Factor – 30%
Probability – The Utd board shelling out over £80m again? Just like Indian parents who are paying for their daughters 3rd wedding, money does not buy happiness, it wont work.

Agent Taggar: Im a big fan of Sergej he is a dynamic midfielder and whoever gets him have got a top talent. United are interested but so are a couple of other clubs. However if rumours are true about Matic selling him the club to him, he could join his countryman at Old Trafford! 70% chance of it happening.

Arsenal are interested in bringing Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini to Emirates Stadium. The 21-year-old Italian is also a target for Juventus.Bullshit Factor – 50%
Probability – Hang on, so Lorenzo will leave Roma, for Thursday night football? Yeah right, never, and especially as he is a massive Darts (word on the street) fan and loves Thursdays nights Premier League, give it a rest guys.

Agent Taggar: With Arsenal rumoured to have a 50 million pound budget this summer they will have to take a few gambles in the market. This young italian has made a name for himself lately. How many italian midfielders have cut it in the Premier League though! 50% chance of this happening.

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