Copyright Claim Issued Against Mankirt Aulakh Brotherhood – Is It Not His Work?


Now, one thing you cannot deny is that the song “Brotherhood” by Mankirt Aulakh has blown up, TV’s have it on repeat in India and the song is getting lots of radio and DJ play. But, hang on a minute, is the song his and his teams (Singga, Mix Singh) work? Apparently not!

Well, that is according to Dutch based Punjabi music producer Balli Kalsi (who has worked with likes of Nirmal Sidhu and a whole host of other Punjabi singers) he has released the video below stating that the song “Brotherhood” was a song he started work on in 2013, and has the contracts and files to prove it.

The songwriter from India who wrote “Brotherhood” felt that he should get credited as it is his song, and Balli is now set to release the original “Brotherhood” and has stated that legal action may well take place!!

The Bailli Kalsi version of “Brotherhood” is set to drop this week!

We have reached out to Mankirt via Saga Hits and social media for a comment, as we need to understand his views on what has been stated by Balli Kalsi

Brotherhood by Mankirt Aulakh 


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