Cornershop Set To Release New Album After 8 Years


There’s dancing, Behind movie scenes, Behind the movie scenes, Sadi ran we all still know the words! Now 8 years after their last album release Cornershop are back. The Black country-based band first hit the headlines in the 1990s during the Britpop era. Their song Brimful of Asha became a national success. The remix by Norman Cook then took the song global.

The band consists of Tjinder Singh on vocals, guitars, bass and dholki, Ben Ayres on guitars, tamboura, keyboards, tambourine and vocals, Nick Simms on drums, vocals, Peter Bengry on percussion, Adam Blake on sitar and guitars, Pete Downing on guitars, James Milne on bass, Paul McGuigan on bass and sampling/sampler. Despite this long roster, Singh and Ayres are generally considered to be the main faces of the band.

England Is a Garden is the name of the new album from Britpop band Cornershop. Ample records are set to release the new album in March 2020. In addition to this album announcement, the band have debuted a new single entitled “No Rock: Save In Roll.”

This latest single is inspired by classic heavy metal records, which were inspired by blues-driven electric guitar chords and psychedelic rock. The accompanying video shows many vintage shots of the “Black Country,” a region of West Midlands England, which inspired the birth of classic heavy metal.


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